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Guestbook entries for Nicolaas Jacob Tensen

Jessie Tensen
When I was little, I went to Michigan to visit the family on my dad’s side Opa was there and looked similar like my dad.. I do miss him every day on the family farm.. I used to ride tractors with Opa every day for a hour or two. Prayers for the whole family like the neatherlands and Michigan, IL and Lyme. I deeply miss opa... RIP (rest in peace).

John Arend Doppenberg
He will be greatly missed by all the family. So glad I got to see him in November.

Coralee Spoelman
My parents (Truman & Doris Bliss) always thought so much of Mr.Tensen. My Dad often said, "They don't come any better than Nick." I remember in the last weeks of my Dad's life, he would take off walking and Mom couldn't find him. Mom would call Mrs.Tensen asking for help in finding Dad. Mom said, "I would stand outside looking across the field and here would come Nick on his big tractor--standing up so he could see better--looking for Trum." Mom knew Nick would drop everything to help Dad. Mr. Tensen will be sorely missed. He was a great man who was highly respected in the community.

Margaret Doppenberg and her huisband Aart van Sligtenhorst
Dear Family, We condole you with the loss of your father Nicolaas Jacob Tensen. We are very sorry for you and we think you will going to miss him very much. The only things left now are the good memoires you have got of your father. We wish you a lot of strength in this difficult time. Greetings from your cousin Margaret Doppenberg and her huisband Aart van Sligtenhorst ,the daugter of Lubbert and Nin from Holland