Guestbook entries for Kathleen Caroline Rasgaitis

Michelle Barin Motherway
I remember Kathleen well from Mother Guerin. She will be truly missed. Rest in Peace, Kathleen. My deepest condolences to the family. May loving memories bring you comfort and strength in the coming weeks ahead.

Robin & Gordy Gesswein
Rest in peace angel. Now you can be pain free. Until we meet again... we will treasure the great memmories. Thanks you for creating them, for all of us. Love, Aunt Robin - Uncle Gordy - Mackenna, Danielle, John, Cambria, Waylon and Margaret.

Julie Bronski
My deepest sympathy to the family on their loss. You and Kathy will be in my thoughts and prayers.

julie rasgaitis
My beautiful sister, how do I say good bye to the most precious person in my life? I know you're watching over us from heaven, just as you did in this life. Be at peace, pain free and know that you are always loved. Love Julie, Matthew and Zoe.

Jennifer Amundson
Memories forever friends since grade school. She is now with The Lord! Condolences to her family and friends.

Theresa Rasgaitis Smith
My deepest sympathy to my brother Bobby and all of Kathleen's family. My heart shattered when I heard she passed away and continues to be heavy with sorrow for the pain and suffering Bobby and her family and friends are going through. I send my love. I send my prayers. I have every confidence I will see her again at the resurection but until then, she will be missed. Theresa Smith

Angela Sanchez (Mathews)
My sweet friend, we were sisters, not by blood, but at heart. Your untimely passing is a complete devastation to so many of us. You were BY FAR the kindest, most generous, gentle & funny person I've ever know. How blessed I was to share a long & soulful friendship with you. 1982 began the best years of my life--my life with you in it. You've left me a better person than I could have been otherwise. Your family is my family. And I hope they know I will always be with them to honor your memory and support them any way possible. I love you, sweet girl. I feel lost, but I will find my way--always remembering your comforting words and unconditional love. Thank you for loving me, thank you for being my friend and thank you for allowing me into your life and welcoming me into your family from the first day on. I particularly want your mother to know she can lean on me, should she ever feel the need. She's not going to be able to get rid of me. She was my mother when my mother couldn't be and I will always, ALWAYS love her. I will share stories with her and hopefully one day, we will be able to laugh together again. For now, we may exchange tears, but only because we'll miss you so much. But I couldn't be more grateful to have had ANY time with you at all. I will miss our 3 hour PLUS long conversations, our laughter together, strolls down memory lane and plans for retirement together. I will see you again one day. Until then my friend, send us love and hope. We need your strength right now to make it through. The pain will never cease, the healing never be complete, but someday we will learn to smile again. And I know you will be there in spirit to crack a joke (or snort) with us! Laughter. It was your best gift to us. Thank you for being you. Thank you for everything. Your suffering has ended and ours has begun, but we will be with you again someday. Until then, go with God, my friend, my other half, my best confidant. I love you.

Paul & Michelle Angielski
I will always remember Kathy as a happy little blonde girl, sitting on the front porch of her house on Allen in the summer, listening to the New Kids on the Block. I think that's a good way to remember her. Paul & Michelle Angielski

Nancy Trigueros
My deepest sympathy to the family on their loss. God Bless.

Chris Ferut
We are very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Robert Nelson
My thoughts and prayers to the Gesswein and Rasgaitis families in this time of loss. May the lord hold and comfort you through your sorrow.

Tom Gesswein
My sweet baby, I still can't accept that I'll never see you again, never hear you're voice on the ohone saying "Hi dad, just calling to see how you're doing." From the day you were born you were always the most important person in the world to me. And I know you loved me as much as I love you. I miss you so much, and I hurt not only for myself, but for everyone who loved you as I do.